Bead art work
4 / June

Art needs Craft!

The Artworld needs craft - explore the reasons why in this article.

Design desk display eyewear 313690  2
4 / June

Stress Less

Now isn't this something we can all do with - less stress! Painting has been known to reduce stress, read more about it in the blog.

Met eros
8 / June

Real or Fake

Some of history's most famous art forgeries.

Kintsugi siza
8 / June

Imperfectly Perfect

The Japanese art that embraces imperfections.

Matisse 1
9 / June

Which artwork changed your life?

Art can change lives.

9 / June

Art really does make you happier.

Paint = Smile

Pbn artikel
9 / June

The creator of Paint by Numbers

Read more about the guy who had about this idea of guided painting.

Giant troll size
10 / June

Giant Trolls!

Art with a purpose - find out why these trolls are hiding in the woods.

Santo sospir
12 / June

Santo Sospir: The Tattooed Villa

When an artist has free reign in a private villa, this is what happens.

22 / June

What happened to Wopko Jensma

The artist who disappeared without a trace.

Art for good
18 / July

Art for Good

Art can have a major impact on society.

18 / July

Zig Zag Blurring

Some tips if you want to improve your paint by numbers painting skills!

Dan robbins abstract
18 / July

Paint by Numbers as Collectables

These canvasses can become hot property!

Art history
22 / July

South African Art - A History

A nice summary of our art local history.

Red swan
19 / August

Abstract Art - first painted by a woman?

Abstract art is widely believed to have been started by Wassily Kandinsky, but was it?

Paul jordan smith
19 / August

Hoax Art Movement

I love stories like these!

9 / September

Hobbies are essential

Hobbies can help make or break you, don't shove it aside!

Julian art fashion
9 / September

Fashion and Art

These are like two peas in a pod. Read about an exciting South African collaboration.

9 / September


Mentors are important, find out why you should care.

Majak bredell
9 / September

Majak Bredell

Shining the spotlight on one of South Africa's woman artists.

Dali cookbook
9 / September

Dali Cookbook to be re-issued for the first time in 40 years!

The most eccentric cookbook you will ever come across!

9 / September


Something we all need from time to time.

Paint by numbers hobby
9 / September

Paint by Number Inspirational stories

Paint by Numbers has helped many people become calmer, more relaxed and happier!

Dress for success
9 / September

Dress for Success

What we wear has a great influence on how we feel.

Small box package
9 / September

Andy Warhol and Paint by Numbers

A lot of artists has been linked to the concept of Paint by Numbers. Here we explore Warhol's link.