Art for good
18 / July

Art for Good

Art can have a major impact on society.

The ability of art to impact social behaviour or to create talking points on social issues is more in the news than ever before. Using art to comment on social injustice or to raise awareness of social issues is not new, but it is perhaps being taken to new levels lately. Art is becoming increasingly important in raising public awareness of issues and creating spaces for dialogue.

The most recent that come to mind are the art works highlighting the refugees battle - amongst other, The List (Liverpool), #withrefugees movement and Where should birds fly after the last sky (Art Basel).

Then off course the exhibition of a refugee ship at the Venice Biennale, brought there by the Swiss-Icelandic artist Christoph Büchel, as a "monument to contemporary migration". The ship carried refugees and sank in 2015 on it's voyage between Libya and Italy. The exhibition created quite a stir, and the jury is still out whether it overstepped it's boundaries. Some critics argue he didn't give enough context, either way, it highlighted one of the most pressing issues in this day and age and got people talking.

Protest art at border posts are also well know, and I will post a few links below to great articles showing pictures of a few things people are doing at President Trump's wall.

Worldwide art is used to comment, create awareness, highlight and sometimes shock. The exciting thing I want to tell you about is that here in South Africa, this is also becoming more of a focus. The Social Impacts Prize was created last year as an initiative of the Rupert Art Foundation. Interested parties were invited to share ideas on how to address social issues in and around the Karoo town of Graaff-Reinet. This could be a very exciting way to get communities involved in pressing issues and solutions to issues. The finalists have been announced, and I am waiting with bated breath to see who's project will come to life (they all sound amazing!) Go read in the link below with the ideas people came up with.


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