9 / September

Hobbies are essential

Hobbies can help make or break you, don't shove it aside!

I was inspired again today when I ready an article in the Fair Lady Magazine about the importance of hobbies. In general, we are in such a busy state and it has become something of a status symbol if you reach a certain level of 'busyness'.


The truth is, that helps no-one. Your brain needs time to relax, and if you want to be better at your job and better at life in general, best you find some hobbies you enjoy to help you relax!


Unfortunately I do not have a link for the digital version of the Fair Lady article, but fortunately there are many articles supporting this notion. I have added a link below with some valuable information. I hope we all realise that the busier you are, the more you need something to help you relax. It is all about priorities!


Enjoy the read, and as soon as I can get the Fair Lady link, I will add it to the post!