Dan robbins abstract
18 / July

Paint by Numbers as Collectables

These canvasses can become hot property!

I found this comprehensive article online discussing Paint by Numbers in more detail. I find it fascinating that Paint by Numbers became popular and continuous to be to this day.

A nice way of putting it: ' Vintage paint by number canvasses were created lovingly about 50 years ago, and so is easy to love today'.


This article explores the history of Paint by Numbers in more detail and also comments on how collectable these vintage pieces have become. There is also some advice on how to display your pieces, should you collect them or paint them yourself.


I also didn't know there is an online Paint by Numbers Museum! Here you can find information on all the kits and catalogues that were used, as well as search images. Go have a look:


As a bonus, here is also a link to an interesting podcast from Art Matters - Art UK. In the link is also an image of the first ever Paint by Numbers image that was created by Dan Robbins: abstract #1.


Happy Weekend!