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8 / June

Real or Fake

Some of history's most famous art forgeries.

I find the world of art forgery fascinating. It is amazing to what lengths some forgers go and how they sometimes fool the 'artworld'. It is only in fairly recent times that quite technical methods for examining art have been developed, so these days I presume it is quite tricky to get away with anything.


The BBC series, Fake or Fortune, examines artwork from people which might be by famous artists. During this hunt to find the real artists, they show some detailed methods of examining art. They can literally see straight through art work these days.


Below is an article of the top 8 most notorious forgeries in history (we know of). Even Michelangelo count amongst them! Buying art has always been a risky business, and it seems art forgers has always been a step ahead.


Enjoy the article: