Santo sospir
12 / June

Santo Sospir: The Tattooed Villa

When an artist has free reign in a private villa, this is what happens.

Oh what I would give to visit this place! It is seen as the ultimate tribute to French Art, with murals or 'tattoos' on nearly every wall and eclectic details everywhere.

This villa was not the biggest or most awe inspiring on what is now certainly a stretch of land seen as some of the most sought after real estate in the world. It was used as a holiday home by Francine Weisweiller and her husband Alec. She was quite the socialite and knew everyone who was seen as 'worth' knowing in those days. She also became friends with he French artist Jean Cocteau. He was once invited to come stay for a week and ended up staying on and off for more than 10 years, until his death in 1963.


He decorated most walls in the villa with frescoes and used colour sparingly, calling it tattoos.

Francine's daughter inherited the villa, but had to sell it eventually when she couldn't afford the taxes anymore. The villa remains mostly unchanged to this day, as it is protected as a French historical monument and organised tours are available on request.


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