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4 / June

Stress Less

Now isn't this something we can all do with - less stress! Painting has been known to reduce stress, read more about it in the blog.

I am sure I caught your eye with that title - less stress is something we can ALL do with. Am I right? Having trained as a scientist, I do love it when an article includes words like 'a study found...' or 'science says...'. Look, you should always check your sources, but I think the Huffington Post did that for us.


Back to less stress - the study found that engaging in something creative for 45 minutes significantly reduces stress and cortisol levels in the body, regardless of talent or experience. The end result is not as important as the process of making something. It is the process of being creative and of focussing on something else that releases


Enter Paint by Numbers! Taking all the stress away of trying to be creative as well. You don't need to be experienced and you don't need to go and buy a whole lot of craft material. Just buy your kit, open a pot or two and paint for a while. Even at your desk. Easy peasy. Less stress.


Your health and total wellbeing is important, look after yourself!





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